United States of America Open for Army Recruitment

United States of America Open for Army Recruitment

The cost of a student at West Point Military Academy is about $ 56 thousand

Not only are military academies free, but they even pay students to go to school there.

The military academy is a university-funded by the federal budget, which trains students to become officers in the American Armed Forces. After graduation, American students must serve for five years in the related force, while international students return to their homeland to serve.

“We train students for military life and educate them, but then they go back to their homeland and serve there for a certain time,” said Brent Matthews, assistant dean of international student affairs.

Every year the Military Academy at West Point in New York; the US Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA) in Kings Point, New York, Maryland; the Air Force Academy (USAFA) in Colorado Springs, Colorado; The Coast Guard Academy (USCGA) in New London, Connecticut; and the US Naval Academy (USNA) in Annapolis, – accept students from outside the United States.

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Current US federal government policy allows the combined academy to have 60 international students, up from 45 students in 2004. These students are referred to as cadets at West Point, Air Force Academy, and Coast Guard Academy. While at Naval Academies and USMMA, these students are referred to as midshipmen or “middies.”

The Department of Defense and the US Department of State annually elect countries that are entitled to send their students to enter these academies. In 2018 there will be 100 countries chosen.

West Point accepts 16 international students for the 2022 class from countries in Asia, Europe, and Africa to join more than 1,200 other students.

Here are some interesting facts about the United States Army:


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1. In 1929 one of the top brass of the American Air Force, General John McReady advocated making anti-sun glasses for fighter pilots so that they could be more flexible when fighting in the air. The project was carried out and produced highly effective anti-glare glasses. From this then the famous eyewear brand Ray-Ban was born.


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2. The United States has the largest and most powerful aircraft carrier in the world. One of them, USS John C. Stennis, even has 70% greater combat strength than all Air Force around the world. This ship weighs 103,300 tons with a length of 332.8 meters and is powered by a nuclear reactor.


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3. Tom Cruise is one of America’s most successful veteran action actors. His films are enjoyed not only in America but throughout the world. One of the movies, Top Gun, which was released in 1986, even managed to increase the desire of young Americans who want to become fighter pilots by 500%.


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4. The United States military has around 800 headquarters worldwide. Each base must have its own store. Uniquely, none of the stores in the whole headquarters received coins as a means of buying and selling. This type of money is considered inefficient because it can add to the burden, especially on the ship.


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5. Even though it is very modern, the wooden ship is still used by the American Navy. The ships are generally made from oak and cypress trees, light-weighted. These ships function as minesweepers on routes not covered by large ships.


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