Physical ability for an elite soldier is indeed a very important thing, even priority. However, it’s also important to realize, without equipment they won’t be able to do much. As the popular phrase says, a bullet fired from a rifle will always be more deadly than a handful of pebbles thrown.

Moreover, elite troops are those who are deployed in missions that are possible for ordinary soldiers is something that is impossible. Sophisticated equipment is absolutely necessary. Navy SEAL, one of the elite corps of the most capable troops in the world, is known to be very deadly as well because it is supported by equipment that is okay to have, such as mobile phone to login into slot online and play casino slot while having their break. Even what they wore became the standard equipment that every elite army must have.

Then, how crazy is the number one elite troop equipment in the world? This row of military equipment will definitely make you shake your head.


1. Navy SEAL Advanced Helmet


For a Navy SEAL, a helmet is a MUST-have device. However, what they wear is not an ordinary helmet or generally worn by the army. But what’s even better.

The Navy SEAL elite troop helmet is made of super hard steel which is very strong. Even the biggest and sharpest sniper bullets can’t penetrate. These helmets are the hangers of their lives when carrying out dangerous missions.


2. Night Vision, to Hunt for Enemies in the Dark Night


Not always the mission will be carried out during the day, rather often, night is used as an attack time because it can make the enemy weaker in vision. For situations like this, Navy SEAL has a tool called NVG.

This tool can be used to see very clearly at night, even in a state of total dark alias at all. This tool is said to be priced up to $ 65,000 or equivalent to Rp 871 million.


3. Body Armor, For Body Safety


Not only the head is protected, the body is also obliged to get protection. For that, Navy SEAL uses body armor. This is a kind of plate-shaped shield inserted in their uniforms.

This body armor is made of strong steel. So when shot, the plate will only experience pressure, like a zinc hit with a hammer. This is also a Navy SEAL life saver that they have never missed on a mission.


4. Silencers are Able to Reduce the Fire as Hard as Anything


Elite troops work tactically and never raid alias spartan. They move swiftly and maneuver silently. However, there are definitely times when they use weapons. Well, so as not to upset the rhythm of silence, Navy SEAL also uses a silencer.

As the name suggests, a silencer is a silencer that is able to reduce the sound of a bullet being fired. Very effective, even when it is said to be used by an enemy will not realize that the colleague next to him was shot dead by a silencer rifle.


5. M-4 Custom, Navy SEAL Typical Weapon


Navy SEALs don’t need ordinary weapons, they want the best one. Hence, the US military then equipped them with M-4 Custom. This weapon is amazingly cool, if compared to a car it is an elegant, expensive, and sophisticated Rolls Royce.

Like its last name, Custom, this weapon can be tampered with according to mission requirements. Each part can add sophisticated tools and the like.


6. M45C, Mainstay Handgund for Navy SEALs


Every elite army not only carries rifles, but also handguns as secondary weapons. Well, for Navy SEAL itself, they chose M45C. This gun is very light, small, but can have an extraordinary impact.

Weighing no less than 907 grams, this weapon will make it easy for Navy SEALs to attack quickly in tight places that make it impossible to use a rifle. Sometimes, handguns can be more deadly.


7. M79 Grenade Launcher, For Destruction Mission


This weapon may be old school if the word young, but in missions it is still used quite often. It’s old school, but it’s still very functional. Especially in the hands of Navy SEAL which incidentally is the most talented elite troops on Earth.

As the name suggests, this weapon is used to throw the gland to be more accurate. Usually only used for special missions such as destruction. Not all Navy SEAL members carry this weapon, only a few people. However, this is more than enough to destroy the opponent.

This is a row of typical Navy SEAL weapons. What is surprising about this? The average of these weapons is owned by the military all over the world, except for a few things. Even though it’s normal, don’t ask what the weapons would be like if they were in the hands of SEAL members. Yes, it’s definitely deadlier.

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