Speaking of weapons and the battlefield, gaes, it’s good you know the types of weapons used by the United States army. So far, you only know about Hollywood movies or FPS games. Not wrong, right, if you want to know more about the weapons of the American army. Who knows, you are very interested in the world of artillery and are eager to design sophisticated weapons for our beloved country. Conditions of peace are not an excuse to be indifferent to military weapons, you know.

So, here it is the row of weapons.

Carl Gustaf M3 (MAAWS)


In the eyes of ordinary people, this weapon is called a bazooka or rocket launcher. But, in the eyes of the army this item has an important and specific position because it is capable of destroying heavy weapons such as tanks. The explosive that was thrown from the recoilless rifle system 84 mm did not hesitate to destroy everything in front of him. How to use it is quite simple just like when you login to online slot gambling, namely by carrying on the shoulder and then directed to the target.

Shotgun M500


This one item can easily be found in homes of US citizens or heavyweight criminals Uncle Sam. This 12-gauge shotgun has the power to knock down everything that is at close range. This weapon comes with a 5-round capacity tube feature. Shotgun has been present for a long time, namely in the era of World War I and played a large role in clearing trenches from enemies. This tool is very effective for close confrontation. Do not mess with the shotgun because it is able to perforate the body with a large size so that heavy bleeding is the main impact.

Shotgun M590


In general, this type is the same as the M500, which is made by Mossberg and has a 12-gauge. The main difference lies in the length of the barrel and other features such as woodpeckers. At first glance it looks slimmer. But, don’t be mistaken. Extraordinary killing power.

Modular Shotgun M26


This one is actually secondary weaponry mounted on the bottom of an M4 type weapon. Using the M26 modular shotgun the user can easily switch weapons from 5.56 mm caliber bullets and the 12-gauge system that conventional shotguns have. This can all be done while focusing on the target and there is no need to remove or modify the shotgun first.

M1911 pistol


The age of this gun is relatively old, gaes. But, a .45 caliber pistol is very powerful. Since it has existed since World War I, there have been attempts to place these weapons in museums.

M9 pistol


The existence of M9 pistols was well known to the United States army after the Vietnam War, especially in the 1980s. The 9 mm caliber weapon was basically designed to replace the M1911.

M11 pistol


This one also has a 9 mm caliber and is intended to replace the M1911. Unfortunately, this pistol was replaced by the legendary SIG SAUER M17 / M18 field pistol.

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