In military history, the Spartan army was said to be the deadliest army unit of its time. Although the amount is not much, but their abilities are greatly feared. There is even an assumption that says one Spartan soldier is equivalent to dozens of ordinary troops. The question is, why is Sparta so crazy? This is none other than their crazy daily exercise routine.

Centuries have passed since the extinction of Sparta, and what the fierce army of war did was imitated by the majority of countries in the world. Yes, heavy training that made his military troops go crazy. This is the story of the world’s elite forces who are said to have an unnatural training menu that could even be called irrational and human. However, even so, it actually made the elite soldiers frighten and have a name in the world.

Here is a little description of how crazy the elite forces are training. That said, this training can make ordinary soldiers pee in pants. Check out the following review.

1. Navy SEAL, Hell Week Makes Many Direct Resign Forces

hell week

The reason America became the most powerful military owner in the world was not because of the many sophisticated defense equipment, but also the role of their craziest elite forces. Yes, Navy SEAL. These troops are the best people and the choices and who have been accustomed to being persecuted in various inhuman heavy training.

The Navy SEAL training menu itself varies. But the worst was the training week called Hell Week. As the name suggests, this exercise is truly like being tortured in hell. The troops will be told to do extreme challenges. Began to carry heavy wood and then survive in the cold sea water, until strafed with real bullets. With the severity of training, it is said that Hell Week often makes Navy SEAL members shrink even more. Yes, some of these elite troops could not stand and chose to leave the unit and become the pro gambler in situs slot online terbaik as the best online gambling site.

2. SAS, Military Training Is Really Insane

crazy training

SAS or Special Air Service is one of the most classy elite forces in the world. The progress of this elite British army has been long, even their predecessors have fought in World War II. Being a SAS member is a matter of pride, but it is very difficult to get into it. Not to mention the SAS training menu which is said to be one of the most insane in the world.

SAS used to run, but they did it in the hills called Brecon Beacons whose track was abysmally. Not just running, on their backs they will put a bag weighing around 25 kilograms. They have to run for many kilometers. Not only that in the SAS training menu there are many dangerous practices such as demolition, torture as prisoners and so on. There were people who died in SAS training, many of them finally could not stand it and came out.

3. Spetsnaz, Practice Using Real Blood

crazy training

This elite troop has a flashy prestige as the craziest in the world. This is not a mere figment, let alone see the training menu which is valid proof that Spetsnaz is insane. Actually their training menu is not too heavy a matter of physical, but mental really suppressed.

For example practice entering a dark room. Sounds easy, of course, for an elite class of troops. But, the dark room itself is different. Inside there is a high-rise pool. Illuminated by dim light, this pool looks very red. Yes, apparently this is a pool of real blood. The members must come in here and feel soaking in a pool of blood. Honestly, not all elite soldiers hold it in this way. But the Spetsnaz elite are used to it.

4. GIGN, French Elite Forces whose Super Crazy Training

crazy training

France is not very military. But about the elite forces, this country is the owner of one of the deadliest units in the world, GIGN name. This elite force is very limited in number, maybe only around 200 people. They are the best of the best. Problem practice, GIGN also get a menu that is not fun at all.

They are an all-round elite force. That’s why the training is very varied. Starting from skydiving while shooting at targets, swimming with legs and hands tied for several miles, to running while carrying full gear. Exercises like this are very difficult to do. But almost all GIGN members can handle it quite easily. Crazy!

5. Kopassus, Indonesian Elite Forces With Powerful Exercise

crazy training

Don’t just be amazed by the elite forces of other countries. Indonesia itself also has a series of selected troops whose quality is not much different. One of them is Kopassus. Now, about the training itself, the Kopassus training menu is no less crazy than the row of elite troops above. If ordinary soldiers undergo something like this, they will almost certainly resign.

There are various kinds of training that must be carried out by Kopassus members. Starting from jumping from a helicopter then swimming with complete attributes, weeks of survival in the jungle, to practice being interrogated with a real beating. Even crazier, there was an exercise in which Kopassus had to crawl while being shot with real bullets. Very crazy anyway.

This is a row of elite troops in the world with crazy training. It is absolutely inconceivable how to undergo the exercise. However, in the end such exercises are still needed. The reason is of course that they remain awake and ready to be revealed at any time.

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