Learn 3 Effective War Strategies from China

China has a long history of the war between its kingdoms. So that many smart people who are war advisers or generals have to try several strategies to win a war. Among the most famous are Sun Bing, Sun Tzu, Liu Bang, Cao-Cao, Qin Shi Huang, Zhuge Liang, and so on. Those names are the same name from gambling slot games namely Three Kingdom, if you are interested in playing slot games that can make you rich easily, you have to access www.yukbola.net or www.yukpoker.net , they have a lot for you to play such as slot games, soccer gambling/sportsbook, and poker. cao cao Now, this article, we will only discuss three ancient Chinese war strategies developed and practiced in this modern era, especially in Indonesia. Why only three? Because there are thousands or maybe hundreds of thousands of war strategies that they adopted in the past that we might not discuss one by one. So what are the war strategies? Let's discuss them one by one. Teracota

1. The safest place is the most dangerous place. (Sam Kok)

The point is that when he committed theft at the Emperor's palace, the safest place to hide was in the palace itself. Why? Because of the habit of stealing in the Emperor's palace must have run screeched by using a million steps. Because if caught stealing will immediately be beheaded or tortured to death. So by staying in the palace, even yelling thieves and participating in the search for the thief, then surely people would not think that he was the one who committed the theft because everyone would not have such guts. Today, this war strategy is even more often found in Indonesia. Officials or owners of power who commit corruption will first yell to others and act as if they want to eradicate corruption so that people think they are clean of corruption. People will undoubtedly turn to people who are shouted from themselves who pretend to be honest, and even people will support it for their efforts to eradicate corruption even though he is the source of corruption. sun tzu

2. To conquer the world, I don't need to have a thousand troops, but I only need one of the most beautiful girls in this country. (Sun Tzu)

In ancient times in China, an emperor could have concubines up to 200 people. For those who have beautiful daughters, they can be submitted to the Emperor to be married as a concubine. Now, if we have a beautiful daughter, even the most beautiful in the country, it would automatically be made a concubine by the Emperor. And by being the prettiest of all the concubines, the Emperor had then surely it would be the Emperor's favorite concubine which would be fulfilled all his requests by the Emperor. So that way, we can rule the kingdom through the child. So the essence of this art of war is to use the appeal of women, or in China, known as the "BEAUTIFUL WOMEN'S TRAP" strategy. How is this practice in modern times? This theory is well developed in the fields of marketing and politics. We can see how women workers are used as Sales Promotion Girls to attract buyers or visitors to an event and how women workers are also used as Lady Escourt, whose work is lobbying clients to win a tender. Apart from that, we also hear women are used to destroying someone's career by using their services as a scandal maker to business or political opponents. liu bang

3. After reaching the enemy area, burn the ship and dispose of food supplies. (Xiang Yu)

When a cruel General named Xiang Yu wants to force his men to fight to the death, the way to go is to threaten the survival of their soldiers by setting fire to their ships to go home and throwing all supplies to eat them. So that if they still want to live, the only way is to win the war. Because if they can win the war means they can seize all the needs they need from the losing enemy. In modern times this strategy is practiced in the field of trade or more precisely in the field of employment. The way employers or companies do is to provide a small salary and mediocre to employees so that they can not meet their living needs and can only meet their needs if they reach the target set by the company in exchange for bonuses from achieving the target. So with a mediocre salary or even less, then without being told, their employees will work desperately to achieve the targets set in order to receive the bonus promised by the company to be able to meet their daily needs.    

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United States of America Open for Army Recruitment

The cost of a student at West Point Military Academy is about $ 56 thousand Not only are military academies free, but they even pay students to go to school there. The military academy is a university-funded by the federal budget, which trains students to become officers in the American Armed Forces. After graduation, American students must serve for five years in the related force, while international students return to their homeland to serve. "We train students for military life and educate them, but then they go back to their homeland and serve there for a certain time," said Brent Matthews, assistant dean of international student affairs. Every year the Military Academy at West Point in New York; the US Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA) in Kings Point, New York, Maryland; the Air Force Academy (USAFA) in Colorado Springs, Colorado; The Coast Guard Academy (USCGA) in New London, Connecticut; and the US Naval Academy (USNA) in Annapolis, - accept students from outside the United States. Current US federal government policy allows the combined academy to have 60 international students, up from 45 students in 2004. These students are referred to as cadets at West Point, Air Force Academy, and Coast Guard Academy. While at Naval Academies and USMMA, these students are referred to as midshipmen or "middies." The Department of Defense and the US Department of State annually elect countries that are entitled to send their students to enter these academies. In 2018 there will be 100 countries chosen. West Point accepts 16 international students for the 2022 class from countries in Asia, Europe, and Africa to join more than 1,200 other students. Here are some interesting facts about the United States Army:   ray ban 1. In 1929 one of the top brass of the American Air Force, General John McReady advocated making anti-sun glasses for fighter pilots so that they could be more flexible when fighting in the air. The project was carried out and produced highly effective anti-glare glasses. From this then the famous eyewear brand Ray-Ban was born.   united states army 2. The United States has the largest and most powerful aircraft carrier in the world. One of them, USS John C. Stennis, even has 70% greater combat strength than all Air Force around the world. This ship weighs 103,300 tons with a length of 332.8 meters and is powered by a nuclear reactor.   united states army 3. Tom Cruise is one of America's most successful veteran action actors. His films are enjoyed not only in America but throughout the world. One of the movies, Top Gun, which was released in 1986, even managed to increase the desire of young Americans who want to become fighter pilots by 500%.   united states army 4. The United States military has around 800 headquarters worldwide. Each base must have its own store. Uniquely, none of the stores in the whole headquarters received coins as a means of buying and selling. This type of money is considered inefficient because it can add to the burden, especially on the ship.   united states army 5. Even though it is very modern, the wooden ship is still used by the American Navy. The ships are generally made from oak and cypress trees, light-weighted. These ships function as minesweepers on routes not covered by large ships.  

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5 Rare Facts About Vladimir Putin

President Vladimir Putin is one of the presidents of this century who is considered the most respected and most feared. But behind it all Russian Presidents Vladimir Putin has more unique characteristics and facts than previous Russian Presidents. What is that? Here are five facts that are rarely known about Putin. vladimir putin 1. Animal lover As Russia's leader, Putin is often faced with strategic global political issues that often involve the United States and other major countries. However, behind his controversial figure, Putin is an animal lover. He has a Bulgarian shepherd dog named Buffy. The dog's name was chosen in a national contest, which was followed by Russian residents. Putin also has an Akita Inu dog named Yume. In October 2017, Putin met with Turkmenistan's President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov to improve bilateral relations. On that occasion, Berdymukhammedov brought an Alabai puppy. Putin immediately lifted and carried her. He seemed to smile and give a kiss on the puppy's head. vladimir putin 2. Playing the piano Not only experts in the field of sports but Putin apparently also loves art. Putin often plays his fingers on the piano keys. In 2010, he showed his ability at a charity event in St. Peterburg before singing a song from Fat Domino entitled "Blueberry Hill". Putin's spokesman said the president had to take an English course to learn the lyrics of the song. Last year, a video of Putin playing the piano became popular in Beijing. While waiting for a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Putin was recorded sitting in front of the piano while playing the keys in a song by Vasily Solovyov-Sedoi entitled "Evening Song" and "Moscow Windows" by Tikhon Khrennikov. vladimir putin 3. Riding a bear? Putin had driven a Formula 1 car, conducted paragliding, liked martial arts, and carried out all activities that tested men's courage. Then, there was also a photo of Putin riding a bear. Wait a minute. The picture turned out to be not the original photo, but the edits. Putin actually rode a horse in the mountains of the Tyva region, Siberia, while enjoying a vacation in August 2009. Putin's vacation at that time was not spent on a tour enjoying the city, food, and amusement parks. Wearing army pants, he swam in the deepest lake in Siberia, camped, and climbed mountains. vladimir putin 4. Putin is not proficient in English Putin is not proficient in English. In addition to the Russian mother tongue, Putin is better at German than English. Putin often chooses to use German when visiting a country that uses that language. He even uses German for official events. When asked about what language he mastered, Putin always answered simply. "In Russia, I can speak German, and I can only speak a little in English," he said. vladimir putin 5. Putin's black belt Judo is a lover of judo martial arts. His mother disagreed with his decision to start studying Judo at the age of 11. However, Putin got his black belt in Judo in 2001. Not only that, Putin was also ranked 9th in taekwondo in 2013 and black belt in karate in 2014. Putin never stopped practicing martial arts from the age of 13 to 14 years. In September 2006, he became the honorary president of the European Judo Union and, in 2010, received an honorary doctorate in Judo from Yong In University in South Korea. Putin also won the double title at Sambo in St. Petersburg and the Sambo sports master.

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The Heroic Story of Armless Soldier in the Battlefield, Desmons Doss

Of course, to start a war definitely requires a formidable weapon. But what would happen if there was a US soldier who did not want to kill, even to hold a weapon he was reluctant. Well, the heroic story of the heroism of a United States soldier was appointed to the big screen directed by actor and director, namely Mel Gibson. hacksaw ridge Hacksaw Ridge is a film with the Biography genre based on the true story of a United States medical soldier named Demons T. Doss. The heroic action saved 75 soldiers without using any weapons. This earned him the "Medal of Honor". hacksaw ridge With the direction of director Mel Gibson, the film Hacksaw Ridge will be played by several famous actors such as Andrew Garfield, Vince Caughn, Sam Worthington, and beautiful actress Teresa Palmer. The story of Hacksaw Ridge takes the setting of World War II precisely to occur in Okinawa, which at that time was also called the bloody War of the Battle of Okinawa. hacksaw ridge In the early part of the film Hacksaw Ridge, you will be taken and shown clearly how the Tragedy of World War II, or the so-called bloody War of the Battle of Okinawa which is full of violence and various shootouts, cannon sounds that bombed the pendulum during the war. The time setting of the film itself starts from 12 years before World War II began. At that time, there was a man named Desmond T. Doss (Andrew Garfield), who was a boy who was so tough and had a harmonious family. At that time, every man must be drafted. Unfortunately, Doss himself was a war opponent who refused to take up arms until the murder. Nevertheless, he still could not refuse the military conscription that had been determined. This is certainly not very beneficial for Doss if he must be in the area of ​​warfare with his opposing soul. But in him, Doss spoke, "I could not remain silent when they all fought for me" until finally, he decided to become a United States soldier who would have to go down to war. hacksaw ridge Although Doss had enlisted as a United States Army soldier, he still had no desire to carry a weapon at all because the purpose of Desmond T. Doss joining is actually not to kill the enemy but to save lives when they are dying. As a result of this desire, Doss must be marginalized several times by other soldiers who do not like what is believed by Desmond T. Doss. Until finally, Doss was tried by several leaders due to his determination. But good fortune actually approached him, where he actually got a decree giving him permission to really fight and be in the front row on the battlefield without carrying a single weapon. Well, this is where the heroic action of this little American medical army begins! "Desmon T. Doss, you are free to join the front row of the battle without even a weapon." hacksaw ridge This Hacksaw Ridge film is a series of films by Mel Gibson. This film Hacksaw Ridger will take you to a situation where you are like in a terrible battle. There you will see how violence in a real war is like, about how extraordinary mental and courage to dare to plunge into the battlefield.

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The Most Powerful Airforce in the World

The Air Force is currently the most armed and most crucial military part. This military unit was first introduced in France in 1910. At present, the United States and Russian Air Forces are still the strongest Air Force in the world.

The Air Force is considered a new branch of the armed forces in the military, at the same time the most armed at the moment. The Air Force was introduced in 1910 by the French Air Force. The first bombing was carried out against Turkey by Italy in 1911-1912 during the Italian-Turkish war.

The main objectives of the Air Force are to conduct air wars, gain air control, carry out strategic bombing missions, support army, and naval units, and transport troops and artillery during the war.

The Air Force usually consists of a set of fighter and attack aircraft, helicopters, transport aircraft, and bombers. The more sophisticated the weapons are, the more capable the Air Force is. At present, most militaries allocate the lion's share of their military budget to the Air Force to gain air superiority. The air superiority race will determine who is the strongest and most capable in the world. Here is a list of the countries with the strongest air military in the world from 2018 to 2019.


  • Total airpower: 13,762
  • Total helicopter strength: 6.065
  • Attack and fighter aircraft: 5,081
  • Attack helicopter: 947
  • Transport aircraft: 5.739
  • Troops: 318,415

United States Air Force (USAF) was originally called the United States Army Air Force (USAAF). In 1947, during Harry S. Truman's presidency, the Air Force was declared an independent department in the US military. USAR has more planes than the combined Chinese, Russian, Indian, British, German, and French Air Forces. At present, America has the most sophisticated and powerful Air Force in the world. Its larger fighter fleet is located on F-16: 947 fourth-generation fighter aircraft. However, in the case of fifth-generation fighter aircraft, no one approaches US power. In all, the United States has more than 266 fifth-generation multirole warplanes, far more than China and Russia.

The United States has 800 military bases abroad, more than any other country.


  • Total airpower: 3,794
  • Total helicopter strength: 1,389
  • Attack and fighter aircraft: 2,244
  • Attack helicopter: 490
  • Transport aircraft: 1.124
  • Troops: 148,000

The Russian Air Force (RAF) was formed in 1992 after renaming the Soviet Air Force. However, the existence of the RAF can be traced since 1912 when it was named Imperial Russian Air Service. The recent merger of the RAF with the Russian Aerospace Defense Force is said to be the optimal option against Russian rivals in NATO. The RAF has a large number of multirole warplanes, transport aircraft, attack helicopters, and bombers - all built within the Russian border. Some modern weapons of the Russian Air Force: fifth-generation fighter aircraft, RAF Sukhoi stealth multirole fighter aircraft RAF owned by RAF is in the final stages planned to be introduced in 2019. The aircraft is also working on upgrading the Su-57 to the sixth generation.

The Russian Air Force is the oldest in Asia.


  • Total airpower: 2,955
  • Total helicopter strength: 912
  • Attack and fighter aircraft: 2,656
  • Attack helicopter: 206
  • Transport aircraft: 782
  • Troops: 398,000

The Air Force of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLAAF) was formed in 1947, a few years before the formation of the People's Republic of China. The PLAAF is an Air Force branch of the People's Liberation Army. After a revolutionary victory against the Republic of China (now Taiwan), the PLAAF has gone through extraordinary changes and proved to be one of the most powerful Air Forces in the world. At present, China is the second country after the United States to have a fifth-generation fighter.

At present, PLAAF has the latest aircraft and helicopters, all made in China, such as J-10, J-11, J-16, and J-20. In the attack helicopter fleet, China has modern Z-10 and Z-18. Also, China has several Russian aircraft as well, such as the Su-30 and Su-35.

The Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force is the largest in Asia.


  • Total airpower: 2,102
  • Total helicopter strength: 666
  • Attack and fighter aircraft: 1,485
  • Attack helicopter: 16
  • Transport aircraft: 875
  • Troops: 140,139

The Royal Indian Air Force was founded in 1932 during British rule in India, then changed to Indian Air Force (IAF). The IAF has been involved in 5 wars with neighboring countries, namely Pakistan (4 times) and China (1 time). IAF's air assets mostly come from other countries such as Russia, France, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

India's bilateral relations with Russia, since the days of the Soviet Union, have made the Indian military strong and up to date. Most of the Indian Air Force's fleet consists of Russian-made aircraft such as the Su-30 and MiG-29. In 2004, 70 percent of India's military hardware came from Russia. However, the United States recognizes India as its main defense partner so that in the near future, the IAF will have American multirole warplanes in its fleet.

The IAF has built its fourth-generation aircraft, HAL Tejas. India is building the fifth-generation Sukhoi PAK FA fighter in cooperation with Russia.


  • Total airpower: 856
  • Total helicopter strength: 347
  • Attack and fighter aircraft: 256
  • Attack helicopters: 39
  • Transport aircraft: 337
  • Troops: 33,240

The British formed the Air Force, the Royal Air Force (RAF). Right after the end of World War I. At that time, the RAF was the largest Air Force in the world. The extraordinary role of the RAF in World War II helped Britain overcome Nazi Germany. At present, RAF has an operational fleet of various types of aircraft, helicopters, and transport aircraft, which makes the RAF one of the strongest Air Forces in the world.

The RAF is the oldest independent Air Force in the world.


  • Total airpower: 654
  • Total helicopter strength: 143
  • Attack and fighter aircraft: 486
  • Attack helicopters: 48
  • Transport aircraft: 101
  • Troops: unknown

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) is part of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) formed in 1948, right after the Israeli Declaration of Independence. Since its formation, the Israeli Air Force has been involved in 8 recognized wars with Arab countries. They have also carried out a series of operations against Arab and Palestinian militants. Most of the IAF aircraft originated from America, among which are the F-4 Phantom II, F-15, F-16, and F-35 Lightning II. Nearly 90 percent of its fleet consists of air machines made in the United States.

IAF pilot Giora Epstein holds the world record for bringing down most enemy aircraft, with 17 total wins.


  • Total airpower: 1,305
  • Total helicopter strength: 610
  • Attack and fighter aircraft: 580
  • Attack helicopter: 49
  • Transport aircraft: 662
  • Troops: 41,160

The French Air Force (Armée de l'air / FAF) was formed in 1909. In 1934, the FAF became an independent military arm. After World War II, France started the domestic aircraft industry: Dassault Aviation. Over the years, Dassault is now the leading jet fighter manufacturer in Europe. The fourth-generation Dassault Rafale fighter aircraft is equipped with the latest technology. However, Dassault Rafale also experienced an increase in demand in the international market. To meet Rafale's request from India, France is now considering setting up a factory in India. The sale of his jets to other countries shows the superiority of the French Air Force

The French Air Force is the oldest in the world.

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