5 Great Facts About US Navy SEALs, American Elite Soldier

5 Great Facts About US Navy SEALs, American Elite Soldier

No matter how bad America is in the eyes of the world, no matter how ugly the words are spoken for her, it can never erase the fact that the US is a great country. Yes, reflecting on its historical journey, America may be a country of immigrants, but slowly they are able to rise from a country that has fallen into a great nation. Now, America dominates almost all sectors. Including one of them is the military.

Yes, to this day, America is the owner of the number 1 military power in the world. They have the most advanced defense equipment in large numbers on land, water, and air. The US also has a lot of active soldiers who are ready to fight, and what is no less important is the existence of its elite troops whose quality is no longer in doubt. Navy SEAL is one of them.

This troop is the best in the world; its own work is beyond doubt. Even the number 1 Terrorist like Osama bin Laden succumbed to this army. And here are great facts about the US’s best elite troop.

US Navy Seal

  1. The Number of Navy SEALs is Very Little

Their names are also elite troops; they are the best of the best, aka the best of the best. Hence, usually, the number of members of the elite troops was very small. But if you compare it to ordinary soldiers, one elite person might be the equivalent of 10-20 people. If the majority of the elite forces are limited, the same rules apply to Navy SEALs.

According to usmilitary.com, the number of Navy SEALs is less than one percent of the number of units there. Including very little when compared to other countries. But, it is not without reason why only a few people inhabit navy SEALs. The strict selection leads to inhuman things, making many candidates give up and fail to bear the proud Navy SEAL beret.

  1. Navy SEALs Are Not Just About Maintaining Ocean Sovereignty

Navy, if translated in Indonesian, means Navy. Because of this name, many people assume that Navy SEALs are elite naval forces, which indirectly refers to their qualifications. Yes, they are considered proficient only in the marine realm. In fact, of course not.

Navy SEALs are known to be very reliable in three places or refer to TNI as Tri Yuda Sakti, namely land, sea, and air. This is also implied in the name SEAL, which means Sea, Air, Land. Not only this but specifically Navy SEALs are also reliable in special places ranging from wilderness to desert.

US Navy Seal

  1. The Requirements for Becoming a Navy SEAL are Impossible to Meet

Always, when someone wants to be the best, they have to pass tough tests first. The same thing must be done when you want to become a SEAL. Navy SEAL candidates will be tested with super crazy physical tests that are no longer rational suffering.

The selection exercise will be divided into many stages. They are starting from basic to advance. There are various types of training. Starting from an estimated number of sit-ups and push-ups to extreme diving makes many candidates give up. Crazy again, even though in the end you have passed many tests, you don’t necessarily qualify and become a Navy SEAL. Yes, only the best of the greatest men can become members of this special army.

  1. Chris Kyle Is A Navy Seal

Even though you didn’t win an Oscar as the best movie of the year, you would agree that the Hollywood film American Sniper is a really cool work. This film tells the true story of a sniper whose achievements are insane and arguably one of the most frightening snipers in the world. In fact, Kyle is a Navy SEAL.

Kyle is the most famous sniper in the contemporary era. Noted, the number of victims officially amounted to around 160 people. Regarding awards, Kyle received a lot of these things. They were starting from medals to other personal awards. Unfortunately, the Navy SEAL’s flagship sniper was shot dead by a man named Eddie Ray Routh.

  1. Navy SEALs Successfully Killed The World’s Most Wanted Terrorists

Everyone knows who Osama Bin Laden is; this man is considered a figure who is responsible for many horrendous events in the world. One of them is the tragedy of the WTC building 15 years ago. For everything, he did practically made Osama, the most wanted person.

However, as you may have read or heard, Osama is a very, very difficult person to trace. He can hide from one place to another. However, in 2011 he was found and shot. Well, the troops who managed to do this super difficult task were Navy SEALs.

This is the greatness of Navy SEALS, an elite force that is arguably the fiercest in the world. They are deadly, tactical, and extraordinary. Well, reportedly, one of Indonesia’s elite troops is said to match the Navy SEALs in terms of quality. Yes, they are Denjaka, who are also famous for their deadly skills. It is said that Denjaka often gets invitations to train with the Navy SEALs.

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