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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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Volunteer Orientation to the Army Reserve

unity1Course Description: This briefing provides new volunteer and/or potential volunteers with an orientation of opportunities, expectations and requirements of volunteering with the Army Reserve Family Programs.
Audience: FRG volunteers and potential FRG volunteers
Requirements: A telephone line capability is required to access the teleconference.

NOTE: Teleconference information (phone number and pass code) will be sent to participants in a confirmation email. 

Training Dates and Times

Thursday, 17 April at 1900 EST

Tuesday, 20 May at 1900 EST

Saturday, 7 June at 1400 EST


Prospective attendees should contact their Family Programs Director or Family Programs Coordinator no later than 72 hours prior to the event to register.  

Attendees should provide their FPD/FPC with the following information:
Name, address, city/state, zip, E-mail address, cell phone, home phone, Unit/Command Name
Are you a Family Readiness Group Volunteer?
What is your position in the Family Readiness Group?
How long have you been a Family Readiness Group Volunteer?
If you are not currently a FRG Volunteer what position/role interests you?

AFTB Online Training and Classes

AFTB Levels I, II, and III can be taken online, at your pace, to fit your schedule.  Log onto and register for the site by creating a user name and password.

Once logged in, click on 'Online training' to take AFTB Levels I, II, and III online.

Contact your Family Programs Director to find out about the AFTB Program in your area.  Your Family Programs Director will help you choose a class that fits your interests and can give you information about AFTB class content.

Chain of Command Orientation

Chain of Command orientation increases unit leadership's awareness of Army Reserve Family Programs and encourage command support of unit-level Family Readiness Groups (FRGs).  Designed for unit command teams -- consisting of the commander, Family Readiness Liaison (FRL), senior enlisted, full-time staff and the active FRG volunteer Leader - the outcome is an action plan consisting of the Family Readiness Plan, FRG Sanction Memorandum and a draft training schedule that includes Family Readiness activities.

Army Reserve Family Readiness Education for Deployment (AR FRED)

AR FRED is targeted for personnel who have regular and direct contact with Families of mobilized Soldiers and address deployment-related concerns.  AR FRED contacts are trained to offer assistance, answer questions and provide accurate, timely referrals to military and community resources.

Training is conducted in a large group session for audiences of up to 100 individuals with 26 various topics addressed by subject matter experts over a 12-hour period, usually over a weekend.

Army Reserve Family Program Academy (FPA)

FPA training is available to unit personnel and volunteers of Family Readiness Programs and other related resources available to establish and maintain viable Family Readiness Groups (FRGs). Classes are periodically hosted in a classroom environment that provides a forum for exchanging information and learning from the experiences of others.

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