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Army Reserve Family Programs. Connecting soldiers, families, and communities. Call Fort Family for 24/7 Assistance toll-free at 866-345-8248.

Call Fort Family for 24/7 Assistance at 1-866-345-8248, or click here.

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Child, Youth, & School Services
Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program

  • Military Appreciation Month

    Observe this month "in a symbol of unity, to honor the current and former members of the Armed Forces, including those who have died in the pursuit of freedom and peace."

  • Military Spouse Appreciation Day

    On this day we acknowledge and applaud the significant contributions, support, and sacrifices of military spouses.

  • Honoring Surviving Military Spouses

    We honor surviving military spouses for their courage and sacrifice, and express our gratitude for the service of their loved ones.

  • Army Reserve Family Programs Fort Family

    Fort Family is a service of Army Reserve Family Programs that provides live support for Soldiers and their Families 24/7/365. To learn more, click here.

Surviving Family Member Receives Purple Heart

The Purple Heart ceremony is years in the making, after a years-long battle by the victims and their families in the aftermath of the shooting. In early February, Army Secretary John McHugh announced the award after Congress mandated a change in the medals' eligibility criteria.

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ARFP Assists Soldiers and Families with Real Issues

Army Strong Community Center Connects Veteran with Financial Resources

An Army Reserve Veteran contacted ASCC Brevard for financial assistance with his home mortgage.  The Veteran was behind on payments and close to defaulting on his loan.  He explained that there was a problem with his Social Security Disability and he had not been paid for the past 3 months.  Additionally, his wife had a heart attack and was unable to work.  The Veteran stated that he was three months behind on his mortgage and that he was given a deadline to pay the $1600 owed.  He had $1100 but needed help with the rest.  The ASCC Customer Service Specialist began reaching out to local Military and Veteran resources including NC Heroes Fund, VA Homeless Prevention, Sheep Dog Impact Assistance and the American Legion.  The American Legion and Sheep Dog came through with the additional funds for the Veteran, for which he was very grateful.

364th Child, Youth & School Services (CYSS)

CYSS Specialist collaborated with Washington State 4-H and Operation Military Kids (OMK) to plan Super Science Saturday, a School Break Enrichment Program at the Armed Forces Reserve Center in Marysville, WA.  The morning began at 0630 with ice breakers, team building activities, and discussion of plans for future events, led by an Army Reserve Teen Panel (ARTP) member.  At 0930, the OMK team arrived and facilitated the youth in building robots the rest of the morning.  After lunch, youth completed their robots and enjoyed programming them to perform a variety of tasks.  The robotics curriculum emphasized decision making, problem-solving, and teamwork.  Youth worked in multi-age three person teams, with each team member performing vital functions in completing and programming the robots.  After the robotics projects were completed, the OMK team introduced the 2014 National Day of Science challenge: “Rockets to the Rescue.”  Students watched a short video presenting the challenge for students who were asked to imagine they were a team of scientists who needed to send food and supplies to a country that was cut off from the rest of the world by a disaster.  One way to send food and supplies was to launch a rocket carrying the needed items.  With that in mind, students were challenged to design and build a small rocket that would be capable of carrying supplies.  Working in teams of three, each student made his/her own rocket, producing three rockets per team.

After all of the rockets were completed, students went to the launch area where each youth took a turn launching the roc1kets they had made.  Using a simple air launcher, each participant took a turn launching his or her rocket while another team member recorded the results.  Youth recorded observations about variables such as the angle of the launch or the position of the rocket on the launcher and discussed how each variable could be adjusted for better results.  The youth who attended this event were actively engaged and seemed to learn from the experience.  Parents expressed their gratitude to CYSS for providing a school break enrichment program during Battle Training Assembly.  CYSS is working with 4-H/OMK to expand this one time program into a series of School Break Youth Enrichment programs with different themes and activities each month.

Fort Family Outreach and Support Specialist Assists Family Member of a Retired Reserve Service Member

Fort Family received a call from a Family member of a retired Reserve Service Member.  The Family member was requesting assistance in obtaining a burial flag for the Service Member who had passed away recently.  Fort Family, in collaboration with our Survivor Outreach Support Services, assisted the Family member in connecting with the local VA and obtaining the burial flag for the decedent’s funeral service.  Fort Family followed up with the Family member, and he expressed how thankful he was for Fort Family and Army Reserve Family Programs.

335th Child, Youth & School Services (CYSS)

In celebration of the Month of the Military Child (MOMC), the CYSS Program coordinated with a local partner, Fortson 4-H Center to provide a day of outdoor fun while learning for military youth.   Six Army reserve youth were able to explore the 77 acres of forest, field, pond, and wetlands and increased their knowledge base of Herpetology and the Days of the Pioneer. Youth studied and were able to touch the centers frogs, toads, snakes, turtles and other amphibians. The Center staff allowed the youth to participate in the Pioneer class providing them with survival skills. There were opportunities during the event for youth and parents to interact with each other. The CYSS staff led the hands-on Art Mural activity to promote the Army MOMC theme “Their Lives Their Stories.”  The youth created posters and presented their projects explaining what it means to be a military child.