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Army Reserve Family Programs. Connecting soldiers, families, and communities. Call Fort Family for 24/7 Assistance toll-free at 866-345-8248.

Call Fort Family for 24/7 Assistance at 1-866-345-8248, or click here.

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Child, Youth, & School Services
Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program

  • MOMC Purple Up

    The MOMC observance is an opportunity to thank and applaud Army children for their support of a ready Army and recognize their role in strong Army Families. Information

  • Autism Awareness Month

    Help support a nationwide effort to promote autism awareness, inclusion and self-determination for all, and assure that each person with ASD is provided the opportunity to achieve the highest possible quality of life. Information

  • Month of the Military Child

    The Month of the Military Child observance is an opportunity to thank children for their support to their military Family and recognize the importance of their role in strengthening the military Family. Information

  • Army Reserve Family Programs Fort Family

    Fort Family is a service of Army Reserve Family Programs that provides live support for Soldiers and their Families 24/7/365. To learn more, click here.

Surviving Family Member Receives Purple Heart

The Purple Heart ceremony is years in the making, after a years-long battle by the victims and their families in the aftermath of the shooting. In early February, Army Secretary John McHugh announced the award after Congress mandated a change in the medals' eligibility criteria.

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ARFP Assists Soldiers and Families with Real Issues

Fort Family Outreach and Support Specialist Assists Previously Homeless Army Reserve Veteran Locate Employment

Fort Family followed up with a 3rd Medical Deployment Support Command Soldier with whom they had previously worked. The Soldier stated that he is doing well, about to graduate school and could use some assistance in finding a new unit. Fort Family provided the Human Resources Command (HRC) contact information and followed up to ensure that the Soldier was getting the required assistance. The Soldier stated that not only did HRC help him but that he was getting contacts from numerous units asking if he might like to be a part of their command. The Soldier stated that he was very glad to know that the Army Reserve took such an active interest in retaining its quality workforce.

316th Child, Youth & School Services (CYSS)

CYSS Specialist assisted Brooks Elementary School in the Moon Area School District by having volunteer Soldiers from the 316TH ESC participate in their Bully Free Kick Off event.  Kindergarten through fourth grade students gathered outside of the school as the 316TH Humvee arrived with the “Brooks Buddies Don’t Bully” flag in midair. There were cheers and applause as the Humvee took a few laps around the front perimeter of the building. Afterwards, the Soldiers raised both the “Brooks Buddies Don’t Bully” flag and the American Flag. Everyone recited the Pledge of Allegiance before the fourth grade led the students in singing the Star Spangled Banner. The Soldiers had an opportunity to introduce themselves and encourage the students not to bully. They then met with students and gave them high-fives as they headed back into the school for a bully prevention assembly.

ASCC Assists Soldier with Employment Resources

A Soldier in the 357th EN CO came into ASCC Brevard office several times to use the Family Computers, print off paperwork, and look for local full-time employment.  She had not been getting enough hours at her current job to sustain herself and her child. The CSC provided NC Works Career Center website job search engine information and the Brevard NC Works office which would further assist with updating a resume. The Soldier also looked through the multiple Employer HR contact cards kept in the office. Shortly thereafter she began working at C4S, a Security Company, and was thankful for ASCC Brevard’s assistance and full-time employment.

310th ESC Child, Youth & School Services (CYSS)

A CYSS specialist met with several youth at a 416th Yellow Ribbon event. The specialist assisted a particular youth participant with her issues dealing with her father's deployment. The youth shared with the class that she has been on a downward spiral since her father left a few months before, and that her behavior has gotten worse. The CYSS specialist took the opportunity to explain to the youth and the entire class that conducting positive speaking activities help change negative attitudes and feelings into positive ones. The participant seemed to enjoy the activity and expressed herself in positive sentences for the duration of the event. The CYSS specialist continued to work closely with the youth, encouraging her to keep a behavioral calendar when she returns home. The CYSS specialist stated that the rules of the calendar are that every day that she does or says something positive, she receives a sticker to show her father upon his return home.  The participant seemed excited and said she would try the project when she got home. She even asked her big sister (also in the class) to assist her. The CYSS specialist will continue to encourage the youth participant by connecting her to other activities and events.