Army Reserve Family Programs. Connecting soldiers, families, and communities. Call Fort Family for 24/7 Assistance toll-free at 1-866-345-8248. Link to Fort Family Email Form
Army Reserve Family Programs. Connecting soldiers, families, and communities. Call Fort Family for 24/7 Assistance toll-free at 866-345-8248.

Call Fort Family for 24/7 Assistance at 1-866-345-8248, or click here.

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Child, Youth, & School Services
Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program

  • Teen Resilience Training

    Family Programs is excited to announce the USACAPOC(A) Teen Resilience Program using the Comprehensive Soldier & Family Fitness (CSF2) Teen Curriculum! The goal of the Teen Curriculum is to translate the skills that we currently teach Soldiers and Spouses and provide these skills to our Army Reserve youth. Click here for a location near you.


    Over 37 gathered in Orlando, Florida the week of July 22nd to participate in the Instructor Training Course / Briefer Training Course (ITC/BTC) offered by Army Reserve Family Programs Directorate (ARFPD). View Event Photo Gallery

  • Army Strong Community Center

    The Oregon Army Strong Community Center (ASCC), located at the Clackamas Community College campus, was recently recognized by Oregon's Army Reserve Ambassadors Curtis Loop, Daniel Hitchcock and Dennis Klien for their commitment to Army Reserve Soldiers and Families. For more ASCC information click here.

  • Army Reserve Family Programs Fort Family

    Fort Family is a service of Army Reserve Family Programs that provides live support for Soldiers and their Families 24/7/365. To learn more, click here.

  • USAR Cyber P3

    USAR's partnership with the Cyber Initiative joins academia and various employment partners throughout the US, creating a pathway for cyber warriors. WEB SITE

  • Suits for Soldiers

    USAR's partnership with Suits for Soldiers provides brand new suits for veterans searching for employment. WEB SITE

ARFP Assists Soldiers and Families with Real Issues

Child, Youth & School Services (CYSS) Receives Positive Feedback from Service Member

On 2 Jun the CYSS program sent its monthly newsletter to all units of the 364th ESC.  On 3 Jun a Service Member wrote this response, which CYSS forwarded to the NMFA:
"Thanks for providing the information about camps.  My daughter attended an Operation Purple Camp in Florida as a teen and it completely changed her life for the better.  She was headed in the absolute wrong direction when she arrived for her camp experience.  After spending 10 days out on adventures, connecting with the outdoors and being challenged in multiple ways, she made an about-face with her life and continued to improve to the point of graduating college on time with a 3.6 GPA.  I am incredibly grateful for the work of the camp staff and the opportunity to send her."

"I think this is one of the best benefits of Army Reserve membership. The Operation Purple Camp went a very long way in making up the difference in parenting that was lost when military service kept me away from my Family for extended periods of time.  Too often, good people who are serving their country are absent from their Families.  As a result, the children sometimes make poor decisions that adversely impact the Family and compound the effects of deployment. By providing these camps, NMFA helps ‘pick up the slack’ for military Families. They make a huge difference. 'Thank you' is not a strong enough phrase to show the depth of my appreciation."

Army Strong Community Center (ASCC) Connects Veteran with Resources for Housing, Funds, Food and Counseling

An Army Reserve Veteran visited ASCC Oregon City after hearing about services rendered to another Soldier. The Veteran was forced to stay with friends after moving from another state with her 10 year old daughter due to the ending of a violent domestic relationship. When she arrived, the apartment she was approved for was no longer available at no fault of her own. She was trying to start college classes and work at the same time to create a new life. The ASCC was able to assist the Veteran in applying for multiple housing programs and to obtain funds to pay for a place to stay for one month. The ASCC then assisted with food resources and job referrals that would be more flexible around her college course schedule. Lastly, the ASCC referred the Veteran to a local agency that provides free counseling for OIF/OEF/OND Veterans. The Veteran was very appreciative of the assistance provided by ASCC.

Fort Family Outreach and Support Specialist Connects Army Reserve Soldier with Employment Assistance Services

During a routine Well-Being call to a non-mobilized TPU Soldier from the United States Army Civil Affairs & Psychological Operations Command (USACAPOC), the Service Member stated that although he was doing well, he would like some employment resources.  Fort Family connected the Service Member to the Heroes 2 Hire employment counselor for his area.  Fort Family also provided contact information for the Employer Partnership of the Armed Forces, USA Jobs, Federal Jobs, and Feds Hire Vets.  During a follow up call the Soldier thanked Fort Family for their help and stated that he had interviewed with the Heroes 2 Hire employment counselor and is currently receiving assistance with his resume and interview skills.

ASCC Connects Soldier with Resources for Emergency Funds and Employment

An Army Reserve Soldier with the 320 PSY OPS CO visited ASCC Oregon City to inquire about job opportunities, after school programs for kids, and emergency financial assistance. He had heard about the ASCC through the monthly ASCC Oregon City Newsletter emails. He recently had surgery on injuries incurred while on deployment and was having a difficult time finding work. The ASCC Customer Support Coordinator was able to refer him to five job opportunities, get him connected with the Boys & Girls Club, and also assisted with obtaining emergency financial funds to sustain his current housing. He has decided to pursue his education full-time and look for work after he graduates.