Army Reserve Family Programs. Connecting soldiers, families, and communities. Call Fort Family for 24/7 Assistance toll-free at 866-345-8248. Link to Fort Family Email Form
Army Reserve Family Programs. Connecting soldiers, families, and communities. Call Fort Family for 24/7 Assistance toll-free at 866-345-8248.

Call Fort Family for 24/7 Assistance at 866-345-8248, or click here.

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    From Soldiers and Families who are new to the military or new to the Army Reserve, to those who are moving forward in civilian life, ARFP is here to support you at every phase of the Soldier's Life Cycle.

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    Fort Family is a service of Army Reserve Family Programs that provides live support for Soldiers and their Families 24/7/365. To learn more, click here.

  • Army Reserve Family Programs AFAP

    AFAP is the voice of the people, a program that allows you to make your voice heard and give recommendations to improve your military quality-of-life and standard of living. To submit an AFAP issue or to learn more, click here.

Join the ORP Development Webinar - HomeFront: Building Resilient Military Families

Who: The Department of Defense Office for Reintegration Programs (ORP), in partnership with Army Family Programs, invites you to join a professional development webinar series, created to supplement current training and development opportunities available to Active and Reserve Component staff supporting the well-being needs of Service members and Families.

What: The first webinar welcomes guest speaker Michelle Kees, PhD, to present on HomeFront Strong (HFS), an eight-week, group-based program grounded in evidence-based strategies tailored for military spouses and children that builds resiliency over time. Dr. Kees's presentation will focus on the program's background, the importance of and key skills that foster resilience, results of initial HFS courses, and how it can benefit our Service members and Families.

When: The webinar, HomeFront: Building Resilient Military Families, will take place Jan. 27, from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. EST.

Where: No pre-registration is required. To participate, click on this link at the time of the webinar: The link will enable participants to enter the DCO Meeting Room up to one hour prior and is provided now for reference. Please log-on at least 15 minutes before the designated webinar start time. Participants may listen using computer speakers. If users' computers do not have speakers, audio can be obtained by dialing: (712) 432-0360; access code: 1064322.

The one-hour webinars will be held on a regular basis and archived on the ORP Center for Excellence webpage at

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About ORP

ORP was initiated by Congress in 2008 to administer the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program (YRRP). YRRP offers access to information, resources, and benefits to National Guard and Reserve Service members and their Families before, during, and after deployments. This year, YRRP surpassed 1.4 million Service members and Families supported since the program's inception, and the Reserve Components conducted more than 1,200 YRRP events, directly affecting more than 116,000 Service members and their Families. For more information, visit

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Are your expecting your first child?

Are you in the Army Reserve and expecting your first child? Earn up to $100 per couple.

What is the Family Foundations Program?

Family Foundations is a program developed at Penn State that helps couples make the transition to parenthood in a healthy way. This period, when a couple has their first child, is often quite stressful for new parents. Family Foundations has been shown to have multiple benefits including:

  • Less postpartum depression
  • Better couple teamwork and support around parenting
  • Warmer and more patient parenting
  • Children with better adjustment and fewer emotional and behavioral problems

Why adapt the program for military Families?

Military Families encounter stressors and challenges that are common to all Families as well as those that are unique to the military lifestyle, including multiple relocations, long duty-related separations, and the challenges related to combat exposure.

Who are we looking for?

Army Reserve members and partners who:

  • Are expecting their first child (0-7 months pregnant at time of enrollment)
  • Are not expecting deployment within 6 months of starting the program

What will the participants do?

Couples will complete our new interactive, online program for new parents and participate in pre- and post-test surveys/interviews.

Is there compensation?

Each person will receive $25 for each survey/interview they complete, up to $100 per couple.

If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please contact: Michelle Hostetler at or 814-865-7375.

ABOUT THIS PROJECT: This work is being funded by the National Institutes of Health under a grant to Mark Feinberg, research professor at Pennsylvania State University.

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Army Reserve Family Programs is here for you throughout the Soldier's Life Cycle.

Life Cycle LogoPutting Family first, then balancing between a civilian job and Army Reserve life is hard work. Let Army Reserve Family Programs (ARFP) help you make that balance easier.

From Soldiers and Families who are new to the military or new to the Army Reserve, to those who are moving forward in civilian life, ARFP is here to support you at every phase of the Soldier's Life Cycle by connecting you to the right resources at the right time!

Get connected by requesting your Life Cycle Kit.

Military OneSource Financial Specialty Consultation

Financial consultants can assist with financial planning; provide financial counseling; help one understand their retirement, 401K, TSP, and investment options; provide information on credit management, budget analysis, loans, home buying, and credit cards; and make referrals to state tax preparers on one's behalf. Besides online and telephonic financial specialty consultations, Military OneSource provides face-to-face financial counseling.

To schedule financial counseling support, eligible participants can call Military OneSource at (800) 342-9647 and ask for an appointment. Financial counseling sessions through Military OneSource are unlimited.

Army FamilyBabies on the Homefront FREE APP!

Web Site

Babies on the Homefront provides military and veteran parents ideas for enhancing everyday moments with their baby or toddler. Parents will find lots of material to add to their toolbox of strategies, including:

  • Behavior Tips-Ideas for handling those tougher parenting moments like tantrums, or those unique challenges like missing a deployed parent
  • PT (Play Time)-ideas for creating activities
  • At Ease-information and ideas on self-care

Parents can personalize the app with their baby's picture and create a photo gallery of their child's moods in Feeling Photos. To make it even easier, parents can sort the information by their young child's age and specify their situation as At Home, Leaving Soon, Deployed, Home Again, a Veteran, or visiting a hospital. The app also allows quick access to a series of video podcasts on parenting for military and veteran Families. Babies on the Homefront was developed by ZERO TO THREE: The National Center for Infants, Toddlers, and Families through a generous grant from the Robert R. McCormick Foundation.