Army Reserve Family Programs. Connecting soldiers, families, and communities. Call Fort Family for 24/7 Assistance toll-free at 1-866-345-8248. Link to Fort Family Email Form
Army Reserve Family Programs. Connecting soldiers, families, and communities. Call Fort Family for 24/7 Assistance toll-free at 866-345-8248.

Call Fort Family for 24/7 Assistance at 1-866-345-8248, or click here.

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Child, Youth, & School Services
Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program

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    Kendra Williams was the first woman ever to pilot a U.S. military aircraft on a bombing run when she flew a mission over Iraq–part of the four-day blitz. To learn more about Women's History Month, click here.

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    "My love for my son is as strong now as it was the day he died, and so is the pride I feel for the man he was. I know that the Army Reserve played a part in helping him become that special man, and so did his fellow Reservists." MORE

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    Fort Family is a service of Army Reserve Family Programs that provides live support for Soldiers and their Families 24/7/365. To learn more, click here.

ARFP Assists Soldiers and Families with Real Issues

Fort Family, USARC Chaplain’s office & Family Readiness Support Assistant Work Together to Provide Assistance

A TPU Staff Sergeant called seeking financial resources for a SGT from the 9th MSC.  The SSG stated that while the unit was on a training exercise in Samoa, the SGT’s father passed away in Texas.  At that time the unit and Family Programs staff worked to assist the SGT in getting home but he was not eligible to receive any Army Emergency Relief (AER) or Red Cross assistance because he was not on the required Title 10 orders.  The Soldier and his wife eventually paid for the flight so that he could attend his father’s service.  SSG reports that now the same SGT has received notice that his mother has passed away, and he and his wife do not have the additional funds necessary to purchase another round trip ticket to Texas.  The SGT was advised that ACS could not assist.  Fort Family, in collaboration with the US Army Reserve Command (USARC) Chaplain’s office and the Family Readiness Support Assistant from the 9th MSC were successful in assisting the SGT in obtaining a low interest loan to cover his travel expenses to attend his mother’s service.

4th ESC Child, Youth & School Services (CYSS)

A CYSS Specialist has been working with the spouse of a deployed soldier that contacted CYSS after a Yellow Ribbon event held in Dallas.  The spouse sent an email, requesting assistance with locating a respite care facility for her child, primarily on evenings and weekends.  She was having a great deal of trouble, and shared that even during the last deployment she was unable to locate respite care.  The CYSS specialist utilized a link to a provider list for respite care services and placed several calls on the family member’s behalf.  CYSS was finally able to contact one provider, who was very gracious, very understanding, and informed CYSS that she was willing to assist.  The provider stated that she would be happy to work with the Family member and would be willing to help out on weekends and evenings.  The CYSS specialist contacted the Family member with the information, and she was very happy and thankful to CYSS for helping her find this care. She subsequently set up a face to face meeting with the provider.

ASCC Assists Soldier with Employment Resources

An Army Reserve Soldier visited ASCC Walker during Battle Assembly and requested assistance with finding employment.  After providing the Soldier with several local employment opportunities, the Soldier was able to gain a temporary position with a local company.  Months later, the Soldier visited the center to share some news:  The Company cut all the temporary positions and when he was called into the office, he thought that he would be told about the cuts and let go from the company.  The Soldier was greatly surprised to learn that he was being promoted to a supervisor position within the company.  He received a pay raise and an excellent benefits package.  The Soldier was extremely grateful to the ASCC for providing support in gaining employment with this company.

CYSS Assists Family with Special Education Needs

CYSS recently got a call from a Soldier and his wife expressing concern about the speech/language difficulties experienced by their hearing-impaired preschool daughter.  Although their daughter is in a special education preschool, the parents are worried that she is not communicating either verbally or using American Sign Language (ASL).  The Family requested the School Services Specialist (SSS) assist them in making sure their daughter is receiving the “right” special education.  The SSS obtained permission to speak with the preschool special education teacher and reached out for an update of the child’s situation and progress.  The teacher said she has seen great progress since the child received her cochlear implant, and that the child has improved from being non-verbal to using two to three words.  She also volunteered to extend her time with the student if the parents would be agreeable to that.  Lastly, the teacher shared with the SSS news of an education lottery opportunity beginning in February.  If the child is selected, she would be able to stay at the current school until 5th grade, greatly enhancing the continuity of her special education needs.  The SSS called the parents and also followed up with a summary email sharing the information she received from the teacher.  The teacher also followed up with an email link to the lottery application and contact information for American Sign Language classes for the Family.  The parents were relieved to hear that their daughter was making the appropriate progress and receiving all she required.  They are now empowered to request meetings to discuss their daughter’s progress whenever necessary with the school administration and the teacher.