Army Reserve Family Programs. Connecting soldiers, families, and communities. Call Fort Family for 24/7 Assistance toll-free at 1-866-345-8248. Link to Fort Family Email Form
Army Reserve Family Programs. Connecting soldiers, families, and communities. Call Fort Family for 24/7 Assistance toll-free at 866-345-8248.

Call Fort Family for 24/7 Assistance at 1-866-345-8248, or click here.

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  • STAND-TO! FOCUS: Army Reserve Family Programs
    • Edition: Thursday, July 21, 2016
      What is it? Army Reserve Family Programs (ARFP) is focused on enhancing the readiness and resilience of Army Reserve Soldiers, family members, command teams and civilians. ARFP responds, connects, refers and provides resources in the communities of the geographically dispersed Army Reserve family, including those called to active duty. Read More

  • Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness
    • Do you have children in high school or beginning college in the Fort Bragg, NC area? Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness is offering Performance and Resilience courses for students to enhance study skills and increase resiliency during the transition from high school to college. HP&R Flyer CP&R Flyer

  • The Importance of Financial Readiness
    • Recently, Lt. Gen. Jeffrey W. Talley, Chief of the U.S. Army Reserve, joined financial expert & motivational speaker, Ms. Suze Orman for an in-depth discussion on the importance of financial readiness. During the on-camera discussion, Orman answered several questions provided by Soldiers and Family members through social media. Please share this important advice with your Soldiers, Civilians, and Family members to help build fiscal readiness and resilience. Video

  • Saving with the New Blended Retirement System
    • The Fiscal Year 2016 National Defense Authorization Act provides our military force with a modernized retirement plan built for retirement savings. Beginning in 2018, our service members can get automatic and matching Thrift Savings Plan contributions as well as mid-career compensation incentives in addition to monthly annuities for life. All service members under the current system are grandfathered into today’s retirement system. Download Flyer

  • Guard and Reserve Newsletter
    • The first quarter of the Guard and Reserve Newsletter is now available for download.  The Guard and Reserve Support Network is a Department of Defense partnership of programs supporting the needs of the National Guard and Reserve community. View Newsletter

  • My Training Hub: Financial Readiness Courses Fact Sheet
    • Financial fitness is right at your fingertips with new training for service members and their Families. My Training Hub is the Department of Defenseís new consolidated, online training platform. It brings learning to life in a convenient online setting that services the entire military community. This platform was created by professionals with the highest standards in training and technology, and responds to different learning preferences, tracks learners’ participation and evaluates training outcomes. Info

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  • Request Your Soldier's Life Cycle Kit
    • Army Reserve Family Programs is here for you throughout the Soldier's Life Cycle. Putting Family first, then balancing between a civilian job and Army Reserve life is hard work. Let Army Reserve Family Programs (ARFP) help you make that balance easier. Get connected by requesting your Life Cycle Kit.

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Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program

  • FEMA Flooding Information

    Click here for updated FEMA information on the Louisiana flooding.

  • Zika

    Find out the correct information about the Zika virus: How it's spread, symptoms, prevention and more.

  • Blended Retirement

    Check out the Blended Retirement system that will take effect January 1, 2018.

  • AFAP

    Log into ADPAAS today to maintain current information, prior to an emergency or disaster. You can review your information and make any updates to your contact information, change address, phone numbers and add email addresses.  For more information on ADPAAS click here.

Resources for Soldiers & Families Affected by Flooding in Louisiana

Fort Family is available to assist you and can be reached toll free at 866-345-8258. We have researched multiple resources in response to the current floods in Louisiana. Below are two primary resources people in the affected area may find useful; however, should you need something additional please don't hesitate to contact us.

The Red Cross: The Red Cross has opened multiple shelters as a result of the August Louisiana floods.  Click here for a complete listing of Red Cross sponsored shelters.

211: When you call 2-1-1 for help, you reach a trained information and referral specialist working within Louisiana non-profit organizations. 2-1-1 has a searchable resources link with a county map which allows for users to easily see if services are available in a particular county.  Click here for the link for Louisiana.

The Zika Virus: What We Know

  • Zika is spread mostly by the bite of an infected Aedes species mosquito (Ae. aegypti and Ae. albopictus). These mosquitos are aggressive daytime biters. They can also bite at night.
  • Zika can be passed from a pregnant woman to her fetus. Infection during pregnancy can cause certain birth defects.
  • There is no vaccine or medicine for Zika.

For more information, visit, or download the following pdfs:
Zika Fact Sheet (English)
Zika Fact Sheet (Spanish)
Mosquito Control (English)
Mosquito Control (Spanish)

Young and in the Military: Five Tips for Financial Success

Lauren Welch, AFC, Financial Counselor & Owner of Thrive Financial Counseling

If you are just exiting high school, you might have been fortunate enough to take a personal finance class. If you’re a millennial (like me) and your parents did not teach you financial fundamentals, you may have left high school and entered into the real world without the tools to succeed financially.

In college, you may have been hit with offers for free t-shirts for signing up for a credit card. And if you joined the military straight out of high school, you may have received your first paycheck without the information and skills to know how to manage it.

These could be very scary situations to be in. Money can easily go in one hand and out the other without any idea of where it went or what should be done differently with it. So often young military members can overspend while under saving and under utilizing the opportunity they have to set themselves up for success.

Click here for five easy-to-remember tips for military millennials to start down the path to financial success.